Arrow to Alaska: A Pacific Northwest Adventure (Hardcover)

Arrow to Alaska: A Pacific Northwest Adventure By Hannah Viano Cover Image

Arrow to Alaska: A Pacific Northwest Adventure (Hardcover)


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New from Hannah Viano, the author/illustrator of S is for Salmon, a PNBA best seller, comes the story of Arrow, a six-year-old boy who goes on an adventure to visit his grandfather in Alaska. Arrow starts off from the Ballard Locks in Seattle, aboard Aunt Kelly’s salmon tender boat. After arriving at Grampy’s quirky houseboat, Arrow and Grampy revel in each other’s company in the great outdoors. The tale wraps up with a floatplane ride retracing Arrow’s journey. Hannah Viano’s striking papercut images capture whimsy and wonder, while her language sparkles.
A childhood spent on the rocky Maine coast introduced Hannah Viano to the wonders of life on and by the water. A decade spent as an outdoor educator from Ketchikan to Cape Horn added the joy of sharing her knowledge and sense of place with others. Viano now lives in Seattle, where she connects to Northwest nature and culture through public art projects, education, and site-specific installations. Her first book is S is for Salmon.
Product Details ISBN: 9781570619496
ISBN-10: 1570619492
Publisher: Little Bigfoot
Publication Date: April 14th, 2015
Pages: 32
Language: English
Six-year-old Arrow longs for seagoing adventures, “playing captain of the cedar stump in the backyard.” He receives an invitation from Grampy Lightning and travels to Alaska on his aunt’s salmon tender boat, learning about the fishing boat and its crew during their travels. Arrow and his grandfather return to Seattle together aboard a friend’s seaplane. The longish story is told in a lyrical style, full of rich vocabulary and evocative phrases. Striking illustrations in muted blues accented with shapes of deep black have the look of woodcuts but are actually cut-paper designs in the artist’s distinctive style. A recipe for “Cast-Iron Skillet Brownies” (like those served on the salmon boat) is included on the final page. . . This intriguing and delightfully illustrated story will be of particular interest to young readers in Washington state and Alaska. . .
Kirkus Reviews

The costar of Arrow's maritime adventure is the striking black paper-cutout artwork by Ballard writer/illustrator Hannah Viano, creator of S is for Salmon. Her bold, beautiful imagery captures the spirit of the Pacific Northwest and fosters dreams of journeying to the last frontier.
—Seattle magazine

Gorgeous papercut images capture the whimsy and wonder of life in the Pacific Northwest -- and the magic of childhood. 
—Alaska Dispatch News

I LOVE the pictures in this one. Brand new for 2015, it will make kids want to go on an Alaskan adventure. Plus, a book that ends with a skillet brownie recipe MUST be good!
—Tales from a Mountain Mama 
Children who like the outdoors, fishing, and adventure are going to want to read this book. 
—San Francisco Book Review

“Jellyfish, floatplanes, salmon fishermen and leaping whales are rendered in striking cut-paper designs and a simple palate of muted Northwest colors.
—Cascadia Weekly

"Striking papercut art illustrates [this] tagalong adventure."
—Seattle Met Magazine