The Magnificent Book of Sharks (Hardcover)

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The Magnificent Book of Sharks (Hardcover)


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Dive into the oceans of the world and get up close to 36 amazing sharks.

The Magnificent Book of Sharks takes you across open waters, into coastal seas, through warm tropical reefs, and deep into the murky ocean depths where sharks live.

From the tiny pygmy shark to the massive whale shark, The Magnificent Book of Sharks depicts some of the ocean’s most incredible creatures in stunning and accurate, original illustrations. Intriguing facts accompany every illustration. Find out why the lantern shark glows in the dark, how the epaulette shark “walks” on land, and which senses sharks use to find their prey. Discover hundreds of fascinating facts about sharks in this gorgeous reference that you will revisit again and again.

36 DIFFERENT SHARKS: Learn about dozens of sharks, from the great white to the tasselled wobbegong.

BEAUTIFULLY ILLUSTRATED: Vibrant, detailed images bring the sharks to life.

FASCINATING FACTS: Includes hundreds of fascinating facts in an easy-to-read format that will enthrall animal lovers of all ages.  

MAP OF THE SHARK WORLD: Includes a beautiful, full-color map that shows where in the world each shark species lives.

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Val Walerczuk's passion is to create all kinds of illustrations, photographs, and artworks with accuracy and attention to detail. He believes that anything is possible when it comes to creating art.
Product Details ISBN: 9781681887982
ISBN-10: 1681887983
Publisher: Weldon Owen
Publication Date: June 7th, 2022
Pages: 80
Language: English
Series: The Magnificent Book of