Christine Kendell

Christine Kendall was a Library Specialist at WWU's Wilson Library,  she moved to Twisp, Washington in 2012.  She has been writing poetry for many years and this is her second book.   She is a member of Confluence Poets in the Methow where she also enjoys riding horses, donning snowshoes in winter and living in a town without stoplights, and where faces of people are so familiar I feel like I should know everyone's name.

Resting in the Familiar’s title is from the comfort in recalling family stories and the enjoyment of familiar surroundings.   My poetry covers experiences early on as an Air Force brat and what it felt like to be part of a mobile family growing up, as one author noted in a book about military brats, “inside the fortress.”  I was fortunate my dad had deep roots in Washington State where we spent every summer except when we were in Europe. Some of my poems are about my family’s passion for fishing or about family members who have passed on. Like any life there are events that were uncomfortable, one poem is about a drill at the school I attended in Arizona of being loaded onto school buses in case our country came under nuclear attack.  More recently, like so many of us in the valley, there was my experience in the 2014 Carlton Complex fire, and watching ash fall on our lawn and rooftops in 2015.  As it says in the first poem in the book, I write about what I see outside my windows: the bay view from my Bellingham residence offered up boats and birds, from my rural home on Upper Beaver Creek Road I see Black Angus, wildlife and the unexpected.


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Tuesday, April 10, 2018 - 4:00pm to 5:30pm
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